What is it?

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a non-profit mentoring organization. The vision is to “ignite the power” in youth with the aid of one-on-one mentoring. Not only does the organization work to recruit and screen mentors for Seattle’s youth, but they support the participants throughout the entire life of the match. The largest program is the community based program where matches meet out in the community. A growing program within the organization is the career connected program. This program connects students to working professionals at various Seattle area businesses.

My Role

My role in the organization is with the career connected team. More specifically, I am in charge of the matches meeting at our partner company Wizards of the Coast. Throughout the year, I plan and facilitate our meetings. Each meeting is held at Wizards of the Coast. The kids love getting to come meet the mentors at their place of work. I set an intention for each meeting which alternates between STEM topics and social/emotional learning. I also help the matches grow and mature by speaking regularly with the mentors (Bigs) and by going to the school to meet with the kids (Littles). I am resource for both the adults and the kids. I LOVE getting to see the pure delight on the faces of our Littles.

Working for Big Brothers Big Sisters has prepared me to step back into the classroom here in Seattle. I have learned so much about the needs of our students. This opportunity has given me valuable leadership experience beyond what I experienced in the classroom. I can take what I have learned from the students and from my position, and I can use it to become a better teacher.